All my adult life i dreamed to sing with Chaim Rubenstein. My last visit he let me jam with him on his new tune. Time passed and we forgot it. but lately i urged him to send it over to me. Here is the result – my dream came true. Thx Rube Bro!

כל חיים הבוגרים חלמתי לנגן עם המוזיקאי והאח, חיים רוב. ובביקורי האחרון החלום התגשם והוא נתן לי לג'מג'ם איתו. אמנם הטיון נקבר תחת גלגלי הזמן. אך התעקשתי שישלח לי את הטיוטה, והגיע הזמן לחשוף אותה. תודה חיים !!!

פורסם על ידי Mati Shemoelof

Mati Shemoelof was born in 1972 in Haifa. He is a poet, editor, and writer. He graduated with honors from the University of Haifa where he studies Film and History. He has published seven poetry books so far. The last of these was published in Germany in 2019 in a bilingual edition "Baghdad | Haifa | Berlin", published by Aphorismha Verlag [Berlin]. His first article book “An eruption from the east: Re visiting the emergence of the Mizrahi artistic explosion and it's imprint on the Israeli cultural narrative 2006-2019“ was published on “Iton 77” publishers in Israel (2020).

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