Why should we resist the peace deal with the Emirates

The Israeli media, politics and society have fallen into the trap of peace with the Emirates. People are enthusiastic and welcoming so I would like to expand a bit on the subject, while replying to journalist and writer Shai Golden who wrote on his Facebook, "There is a situation where we are at the dawn of a new political dawn in the Middle East. It also appears that between all the trials, demonstrations and elections, "The biggest political moves in Israel's history. If the agreement with the Emirates really produces a domino effect of peace agreements and relations with new Arab and Muslim countries, a completely unexpected Israeli-Arab spring will begin in the Middle East."

As stated, the truth is far from these things. Here are few reasons why:

  1. This peace deal gives the emirate leader Ben Zaid a Monopoly ticket out of jail card ahead of future debates in the US Congress in case Trump loses the November election to rival Joe Biden. There is a desire in the United States to punish those involved in the greatest humanitarian catastrophe of the twentieth century, the war in Yemen. Although the emirates have reduced their involvement and even strengthened their re connection with Iran, the things they did in Yemen cannot be swept under the table. The starvation and other war crimes that must be given a moral response in the international legal systems. Israel itself completely ignored this component and purified the sins of Ben Zayed.

2. The peace agreement gives Ben Zaid the option to arm himself with American weapons, so it only strengthens relations between the US and its base in the Gulf, at the expense of Israel, which the agreement seems to have almost forced on it (and perhaps on other days, it would oppose strengthening future Arab nuclear power).  In that sense Israel help a dictator to get more weapon and to open an arms race in the middle east and gulf area. I am not sure it is in the interests of Israel who want to be the sole Nuclear power in the Middle East.

3. The agreement essentially empties the idea of ​​the Saudi initiative for a future peace agreement with the Palestinians. In the struggle for power and prestige between the Emirates and Saudi Arabia, it is clearer than ever that the Emirates have put a big stick in their wheels. If other countries join the emirates' initiative, this future arrangement with the Palestinians will become a non-serious document. Israel is celebrating, but the generations of Israeli soldiers who will be born to continue the occupation of the Palestinian people, and the lack of a real alliance with the Palestinian citizens in Israel, will pay the price for standing with their backs to a political solution. I do not support MBS – Muhammad bin Salman, – whom the world already understands the mistake of supporting, and it is no coincidence that he has not traveled to the United States since the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. We just lately learned that Saudi crown prince accused of sending hit squad to Canada. He keeps on jailing human rights activist in Saudi-Arabia and spies after any critical voice outside his kingdom.

4. The Emirates, a dictatorship that has no human or civil rights, that does not have women's rights, or minority rights, is also the one that supports the continuation of General Khalifa Heftar's illegal war in Libya. The Emirates belongs to a coalition of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Abu Dhabi and Western countries such as France, and behind the scenes, the United States, saying that even Israel has given the green light to it. Either way, Israel currently supports the Emirates and within, thus setting foot in the new Middle East , Of the Empire of the Emirates, which is fighting against Qatar, and Turkey that belongs to the coalition of the legitimate government of Libya recognized by the UN. Israel has joined a disaster that the Emirates is inflicting on Libyan citizens, in order to steal and rob the cursed oil of the North African desert.

In the past, Israel was said to be the only democracy in the Middle East, but in practice, continue the Palestinian colonialism. Now, over the years, Israel has joined the countries of the Middle East, turning its back on the liberal idea. Israel has joined the Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and other dictatorial countries, which have seen a tremendous threat in the Arab Spring. Israel strengthens Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in all local and regional cooperation, and even recognizes the symbolic power it has gained in the West, in alliance with the United States and in other ways, in support of dictatorships. The winds of change like the Arab Spring and protest for democracy and against corruption throughout the Arab world, faced with the mighty power of the Gulf principalities, and Israel joins them in supporting the silencing of the Middle East, which will be ruled by powerful men, the oil barons .The process ended, so to speak, in the peace agreement with the Emirates that turned Israel into an Arab state. Against democratization, and human and civil rights. Apparently, the Palestinian occupation, and the war against Hezbollah and Hamas, turned Israel into bitterness, and shed all hope on the Middle East, including the cynical preference for oil barons and their gospel. Israel does not see how Saudi Arabia persecutes their exiles are demanding change from their seat in the West.

In fact, Israel is telling the Palestinians, we are not committed to resolving the occupation, and stealing the land and telling the new generations of the Arab world, we will not help you make the Arab states democratic, because we support the oil barons axis. The war in Yemen or the war in Libya do not interest the Israeli leadership, as a continuation of Israel's support for the apartheid regime in South Africa in the past, or other dictators such as Netanyahu's connection to Urban, Hungary's leader, aunt, Polish leader, Philippine leader and more.

Israel goes out against the Arab Spring, supporting the Emirates, and arming it with new weapons. Not only that, as we learned from the press, an Israeli company NSO is assisting all tyrannical Gulf states by means of hacking cell phones, so that those tyrannical states in the Gulf can break into the phones of regime opponents, and those who are exiled. The Saudis, the Emirates and others are fighting the processes of democratization in the Middle East. Israel is joining this war, while continuing to claim to be a democracy. This paradox can only be understood through Israel's hatred of the Palestinians and the depth of the Palestinian occupation, which seeks to do everything in order not to reach full recognition of the Palestinians' rights to justice and equality and peace.

And what is most sad, that all these processes are not in any sense public discourse but it happened without no transparency (In Israel government even Benny Ashkenazi– The Israeli foreign affair minister didn’t knew about it). It is the American conservative elite who brought the agreement to Israel. And it is seems that they didn’t think about the devastation effect it would have on the Middle Eastern, Gulf countries and North Africa.

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