© Graham Hains 2020


Arabic-speaking and Hebrew-speaking authors from Berlin and their friends dare the utopia of a literary collaboration beyond all that divides them.

What is the influence of the Middle Eastern culture on Berlin? How does Berlin influences the Middle Eastern culture? What happened in the meeting between German Jews and Arab Jews? All these questions and more will be discussed with 14 Berlin writers and experts from all over the Middle East and North Africa.

© Graham Hains 2020
© Graham Hains 2020

NahostBerlin – the literary Middle East Union


13:00 Uhr: Registration
13:30 Uhr Welcome: Martin Jankowski and Jürgen Becker.
Introduction: Hila Amit (Manuscript here: Dt./Engl.).

13:45: Nationalism kaputt? Muslim and Jewish poetics of the diaspora
With Hasan Ze Alnoon (Arab./Dt./Engl.), Asaf Dvori, Hila Amit and Mariam Rasheed, presented byMati Shemoelof. In English. Featured poet: Afshin Javadi Torshizi (Poems here: Dt./Engl.).
Video recording HERE.

© Graham Hains 2020
© Graham Hains 2020

16:00 Nahost-Berlin! Der literarische Nahe Osten in und aus Berlin
Keynote by Ozan Zakariya Keskinkilic (Dt./Engl.). With Abdulkadir Musa, Tali Okavi (Video), Mati Shemoelof (Dt./Engl.) and Afshin Javadi Torshizi. Moderated by Omri Ben Yehuda. In German. Featured poet: Tali Okavi (bilingual poemsVideo).
Video recording HERE.

© Graham Hains 2020

19:30 Uhr: Vos shprakh do you write in? Deutsche Juden treffen arabische Juden. Keynote by Tal Hever-Chybowski (Manuskript Dt./Engl., Video). With Anna Shapiro, Mona Yahia (Text Dt./Engl., Video), Esther Dischereit and Zehava Khalfa. Moderated by Hanno Hauenstein. In German language.
Video recording HERE.



פורסם על ידי Mati Shemoelof

Mati Shemoelof was born in 1972 in Haifa. He is a poet, editor, and writer. He graduated with honors from the University of Haifa where he studies Film and History. He has published seven poetry books so far. The last of these was published in Germany in 2019 in a bilingual edition "Baghdad | Haifa | Berlin", published by Aphorismha Verlag [Berlin]. His first article book “An eruption from the east: Re visiting the emergence of the Mizrahi artistic explosion and it's imprint on the Israeli cultural narrative 2006-2019“ was published on “Iton 77” publishers in Israel (2020).

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