Secret corruption: How the German bribery industry corrupts democracies around the world

In most discussions held in Israel on the submarine corruption affair, the Israeli side of the corruption is emphasized. But the question arises as to why the German corruption of the ThyssenKrupp Corporation and other German corporations is not sharply criticized. Is Germany being the best friends of Israel and therefore not worthy of harsh criticism? Why as we criticize the Israeli prime minister, the army corrupt official, and other officials in charge of the public service, we should criticize the German side?


Is Germany the last friend of Israel in the whole world and therefore we should treat them with silk gloves? Are Germans perceived as the rich capital of the EU trusting in quality, efficiency, democracy, and transparency and if ThyssenKrupp was wrong, then it does not contain on all the other corporations? In any matter we must understand that the failures of Thyssenkrupp, Siemens, Deutsche Bank and other German companies is not an exception but should be treat as an imminent problem inside of the German society.
A new book "Geheimsache Corruption: Wie die deutsche Schmiergeldindustrie weltweit die Demokratie verrät" in my free translation "Secret corruption: How the bribery industry corrupts democracies around the world”.


The Israeli Journalist Omar Sharvit interviewed journalist and writer Frederick Richter Who told him, “By the early 2000s Greece was already impoverished. Few people were aware of it, but whoever wanted to, could see it around 2003. Despite this, they continued to buy expensive weapons from Germany, and the reason is bribery. They bought things they did not need, and never used. "Digging deep into the bribery industry, they find that even the poor Egyptian economy was sold submarines that did not need them (who threatens Egypt that they need nuclear submarines?) The first submarine S41 was delivered to Egypt in 2016, the second submarine S42 In August 2017 Egypt received the third submarine out of four from Germany in May 2019 and the fourth submarine is expected to arrive in Egypt in 2021. This is against the background of criticism voiced in Israel after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admitted to authorizing Germans to sell submarines to Egypt, without consulting senior officials. What is the connection so far, poor countries whose debt is huge, and whose citizens live in disgraceful poverty, buy a toy (submarine and etc.) that is ecologically harmful, and militaristic, from a rich democratic country that scatters promise that are the pinnacle of human and civil rights? The poor countries, whether democratic like Greece or autocratic like Egypt, and on the other hand, a charitable enterprise, of its human rights organizations, will send the funds to help these countries through civilians. And civil society.


Corruption in German exports
In Sharvit's interview with Richter, we find that other cases described in the book on corruption in German exports focus on the Middle East, Russia, Brazil and South Africa, and a relatively small part also deals with the Israeli submarine affair. It is no coincidence that Benjamin Netanyahu is one of the leaders appearing on the illustration on the cover of Richter's book, alongside the leaders of Germany, Brazil, Russia, and South Africa.


I know the story of corruption from the German company of Siemens. In 2007 the IEC (Israel Electric Company) raised electricity prices by 8.4%, explained in the press by the rise in world fuel prices. And at the time, it was revealed in the Israeli media that this increase was also due to the transfer of payment for unforeseen expenses of the electricity company in buying unused turbines from Siemens corporation worth hundreds of millions of euros (5 turbines worth 500 million euros). The suspects who allegedly bribed retired judge Dan Cohen are Siemens' representatives in Israel, headed by CEO Oren Aharonson. In 2013, Cohen was extradited to Israel. On September 30, 2013, Cohen was sentenced, in accordance with the plea agreement, to 6 years in prison, less half a year, and a fine of NIS 10 million. In May 2014 he was permanently removed from the ranks of the Bar Association. On September 13, 2016, he was released from Maasiyahu Prison, after his request for early release was approved.


Although the Israeli government is about to disband, and perhaps should be thanked for disbanding the government, the inquiry committee set up by MK Benny Ganz to investigate the submarine affair would have buried the issue without bringing it to justice, and its place.
Tuxyso / Wikimedia Commons
And what do we learn that the capitalist method that encourages international corporations to behave like the last mafia barons we are afraid of in movies and series, never sees the whole picture. The German -Multi-Nationals corporations like Siemens, ThyssenKrupp, Deutsche Bank will not change their ways anytime soon. But from now on it is worth calling Germany a criminal democracy, which gives Blanche a card to their corporations to behave criminally and not make their way in a real way. It is related to the connection of government capital and it is also related to the profits that the German economy produces from these corporations. But those who pay are the citizens of weaker countries, whose elites make corrupt deals on the backs of the citizens who end up paying the price, for products they did not want. If real regulations are not put in place to address corporate corruption, corporations will continue on their criminal path and only we will suffer from forgetfulness syndrome, regarding the history of bribery and corruption. And in the case of Germany, it is also time to demand a real regulatory change in the way the German regime treats its corporations.



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