Photo: Sharon Langer
Photo: Sharon Langer

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My writing is diverse and includes poetry, plays, and prose. My works have won significant recognition and prizes, including “Best debut poetry book of the year” (national art trust of the national lottery 2001); Selected appearance of “What has become of the independence day” play in the Small-Bama festival of the University of Tel Aviv; Best poetry book of the year (Haifa Cultural Foundation 2006); Honorable mention at “Haaretz” Annual short story contest (2011); Winner of the Acum prize for advocating literature in Israel (2013) and more.

My next book will be published by Kinneret Zmora-Bitan Dvir, the leading publishing company in Israel, where I have recently signed a publishing contract for a short stories book to be edited by Prof. Yigal Schwartz.

My works have been translated to six languages, including a German translation done by the Literaturwerkstatt, which also invited me to Berlin to record my poets on audio (Lyrikline 2012), and a recent translation to Arab, which was published in leading literature papers, such as Alarabia (Internet), Kadita (Israel), Al-Carmel (Ramallah) and Al-Akbar (Egypt).

 As an editor, I edited a vast variety of magazines and papers, most of which deal with poetry and culture. These works include “Echoing Identities” (Am-Oved 2007) which is one of most viewed and quoted academic work regarding 3rd generation writers in Israel, and “Aduma” (Red) – A poetry collection, which sold more than 3 editions in a very short time, and considered to be a one of the most successful and original literature publication ventures in Israel in the last decade.

I publish regularly on Israel's leading media channels, including: Israel Hayom (Israel’s most popular daily newspaper), were I contribute a weekly opinion column and literature reviews.  I publish a weekly column on Mako as well (The Internet news site of Keshet – Israel’s the most popular TV channel). Previously, I published on Ynet (Israel’s most popular news site), NRG (Israel’s #3 news site), and Walla (Israel’s most popular portal). I also took part in many TV appearances, including guest and panel member on Popolitika (public channel TV); Owls (culture channel TV); Channel 10 News, and others.

My academic status is a PhD student at the Hebrew university of Jerusalem, currently on a two-year break, which I took in order to focus on my writing. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Theater from the University of Tel Aviv and a Master's Degree in Contemporary American History from the University of Haifa, which won the Dean's Special Award for Academic Excellence. Furthermore, I worked as a co-researcher at Van-Leer Institute and the Ben Zvi Institute in Jerusalem, and lectured at Minshar College for Arts.

To complement my academic, journalistic and artistic work, I take part in social activities: I volunteered in Keshet, The Democratic Rainbow Organization, as a researcher and spokesman for five years.  I co-founded the multi-ethnical annual workshops in Tel Aviv for Ashkenazi and Mizrahi cultural movements at the Lyvik House for Yiddish writers; I contributed critical texts to several plastic art shows at the Museum of Tel Aviv for Arts, Bezalel Academy of Arts and design, and more.  I am the co-founder of the Israel Poets Union and the co-founder of “Culture Guerrilla”, an Israeli movement which propagates poetry as an accessible art form, and promotes political causes by means of art performed in public. Although the usually exclusive nature of poetry and poetry reading, this movement has achieved significant success in high profile cases regarding contemporary economical and social events, reaching front headlines in Israel, and a few mentions abroad (including one at the New York times).



  • Gutland (Kinneret Zmora-Bitan Dvir publishers, 2014, forthcoming) edited by Prof. Yigal Schwartz.
  • “A Jew Abandoned in Baghdad” (“The Levant notebook”, 2012).
  • "On the apocalyptic reality" (“Moznayem Magazine”, 86 (2): 18-20, 2012).
  • "Urban story about recognition" (“Moznayem Magazine”, 85(4): 14-17, 2011).
  • "My own Bagdad" (“Mitaan Magazine”, 17, 44-47, 2010)
  • "Father" (“Moznayem Magazine”, 81(1), 24, 2007).


  • Avodat Giloy: Art of Worker Rights (Guerrilla Culture, volume 1, summer 2012; 2nd Edition).
  • “Larochav Magazine” (Co Editor with Almog Behar, Naama Gershy and Tamer Massalcha, Guerrilla Culture Press, 2012 – Hebrew and Arabic).
  • The Tent Poetry (“Guerrilla Culture”, “Maayan Magazine”, “Erev-rav”, “Etgar Magazine“, 2011. 2nd).
  • Al Tagido Bagat (The Influence of the Palestinian Nacba on the Hebrew Poetry) (“Sedek Magazine”, Vol. 5, Zocrot, Parhesia and Pardes, 2010; 2nd Edition).
  • The Best Poems of Guerrilla-Culture (“Daka Magazine”, 2010).
  • We Will Not Leave: Photography and Poetry from Sheikh Jarrah, (Activestills, 2010).
  • La-Tzet [To Get Out]! (“Guerrilla Culture”, “Maarav”, “Maayan Magazine”, “Etgar Magazine”, “Daka Magazine”, 2009; 2nd Editions).
  • "Ha’Civon Mizrah (Eastward: A Literary Journal)”, No. 15, ed. Mati Shmoeloff, Bat Shachar Gurfinkel. (Winter 2008). A Wall without a Painting: Social and Political Comics, 2nd editions.
  • Adoma (Red), ed. Mati Shmoeloff, Roy Arad, Yaara Shehori, Asma Agabaria, Joshua Simon, and Nir Nader, (Tel-Aviv: “Ha’Civon Mizrah (Eastward: A Literary Journal)”, “Maayan Magazine” and “Etgar Magazine”, 3rd Editions, 2007).
  • Tehudot Zehut (Echoing Identities), ed. Mati Shmoeloff, Naftali Shem-Tov, and Nir Baraam (972 Series, Tel Aviv: Am-Oved Publishers, 2007).
  • "Ha’Civon Mizrah (Eastward: A Literary Journal)”, No. 14, ed. Mati Shmoeloff, Bat Shachar Gurfinkel, and Omri Herzog (Summer 2007). A Discussion of Hybrid Identity.
  • "Ha’Civon Mizrah (Eastward: A Literary Journal)”, No. 13, ed. Mati Shmoeloff, Bat Shachar Gurfinkel (Winter 2007). The Mizrahi Gallery Takes Back the Right to Speak: A Critical Discussion of Football.
  • “Ha’Civon Mizrah (Eastward: A Literary Journal)”, No. 12, ed. Mati Shmoeloff, Bat Shachar Gurfinkel (Summer 2006). Dedicated to the Work of Poet Erez Bitton.


  • Good Energy (Birobizan Theatre, Tel Aviv 2011; Under the Mountain Festival – Jerusalem, 2012; 2nd editions).
  • “What has become of the independence day” (Small-Bama Festival,2, The Tel Aviv University , 2003).


  • “Galey Zahal”  Radio –  “Life of others” with Eran Sebag – focusing on Black culture, 2010-2012.
  • All 4 peace Radio – “The people voice” with Roy Chiki Arad –  focusing on poetry readings, 2011.


  • "The new David Fogel Book" (“77Newsletter“, 365: 15, 2013).
  • "’Mocs-Noks’: The latest novel by Shimon Adaf" (“77Newsletter“, 360: 16-17, 2012).
  • "The writing of Almog Behar" (“Afikim Journal”, 136-137: 22-23, 2011).
  • "If we are together, let’s move out of here" (“77Newsletter“, 355-356:12, 2011).
  • "How to write Malcolm X in Hebrew" (“77Newsletter“, 352: 24-25, 2011).
  • "Rights and Poetry are going side by side" (“Moznayem Magazine“, 85(6): 26-28, 2011).
  • "A journey to the darkness of the parking place" (“Programme“, 4:9, 2011).
  • "Moses and the Yitro Daughters" (A-mitiyot: social justice, gender and Midrash, Edited by: Henrietta Dahan Caleb, Tel Aviv, 2011).
  • "Krokodal Dandi" (“Maarvon Magazine”, 6, 16-28, 2010).
  • "Shimon Ballas Literary Biography" (Co writing with Yuval Ivry. “77Newsletter”, 345: 26-27, 2010).
  • Pomes (Amos Leviathan writes on my third poetry book, “77Newsletter”, 350: 31-32, 2010).
  • Different poems (Haviva Pedia, “Time and Space: signs in the inter-generational Mizrahi writing”, “Theory and Criticism”, 36: 286-301, 2010).
  • "Zeev Revach Movies: Deconstruction and reconstruction" (Cinema South, 107-118, 2010).
  • "About "Ha’Civon Mizrah” and 'Ho! Journals- Inside the Israeli Culture and outside” (Almog Behar talks with Dori Manor and me, “History and Criticism”, 35: 264-279, 2009).
  • "Resistance in Poetry" (“Tav+ Magazine“, 13: 72-75, 2009).
  • "The desperation and Dream" (“Moznayem Magazine“, 83(1): 57-60, 2009).
  • "How to write novella" (“77Newsletter“, 336: 16, 2009).
  • "The art of Eskar Eldan Cohen" (Mikrei-kodesh, Bar-Ilan University, 2009).
  • "RE-Watching the "Endless Freedom" in Yaacov Bitton Poetry" (“Tav+ Magazine“, 12: 100-107, 2008/2009).
  • "The Dialectical Father in Ronit Matalon Literature" (“Apirion Magazine“, 110: 9-13, 2009).
  • "I am a terrorist – you are a terrorist" (“History and Theory”, 11, 2009).
  • "A weak middle-east" (“Maarvon Magazine“, 3-4: 12-17, 2008).
  • "Stutter Academy" (“Moznayem Magazine“, 82:3-4, 98-99, 2008).
  • "The Mizrahi Cinema" (Under the nose: 25 years to Mitachat Laaf, N.B Books, 2008).
  • "A Holocaust story" (“Moznayem Magazine“, 82(1)53-54, 2008).
  • "The visit without visitors" (“Moznayem Magazine“, 82(1)58-59, 2008).
  • "Abstract without context" (“77Newsletter“, 8, 327:10-11, 2008).
  • "Space, Ethnicity and Mysticism in Moshe Ocayon poems" (“Tav+ Magazine“, 11: 60-68, 2008).
  • "The House of the Rising Sun: The art of Yoram Bluemenkrantz" ("Ha’Civon Mizrah”, No. 14, ed. Mati Shmoeloff, Bat Shachar Gurfinkel, and Omri Herzog, Summer, 91-95, 2007).
  • "An Art without no planning" ("Ha’Civon Mizrah”, No. 14, ed. Mati Shmoeloff, Bat Shachar Gurfinkel, and Omri Herzog, summer, 5-3, 2007).
  • "Ethnicity and Manhood in the three Israeli movies" (“Mitaan Journal“, 11:13-15, 2007).
  • "Archaeology without Archaeology" (“Etgar Magazine“, 22:22-23, 2007).
  • "Poetry Wars" (“77Newsletter“, 319:8-9, 2007).
  • "To include binary categories" (“77Newsletter“, 322:12, 2007).
  • "To negate the past" (“77Newsletter“, 313:12, 2007).
  • "The new voice of Yossi Sucari" (“Tav+ Magazine“, 9:43-31, 2007).
  • "The new biography of Yehonatan Geffen" (“77Newsletter“, 306:3-9, 2007).
  • "'Ho!' vs. 'HaCivon Mizrah'" (“Tav+ Magazine“, 9:88-91, 2007).
  • "New thoughts on Mizrahi Music" (“Tav+ Magazine“, 7:44-53, 2006).
  • "The young sister of the Mizrahi writing" (“Moznayem Magazine“, 80(1):20-22, 2006).
  • "The Mizrahi Republic" (“77Newsletter“, 316:12, 2006).
  • "Immigration, Yesterday and today: The Prose of Mois Ben Harosh" (“Apirion Magazine“, 99:21, 2006).
  • "The Third Powerful Generation: Intertexual view in the writing of Nir Baraam" (“Tav+ Magazine“, 8:60-65, 2006).
  • "The poor get poorer in New-Orleans" (“Other Journey” – "Masa Acher", 181:58, 2006).
  • "Time of Love: The writing of Shimon Adaf" (“Hakeshet Magazine“, 3: 15, 2006).
  • "The cinema as Young Mizrahi Sphere" ("Ha’Civon Mizrah”, No. 12, ed. Mati Shmoeloff, Bat Shachar Gurfinkel, summer, 77-81, 2006).
  • "The new vision in the movie of Mietal Abebksis" ("Ha’Civon Mizrah”, No. 12, ed. Mati Shmoeloff, Bat Shachar Gurfinkel, summer 2006).
  • "Without no political conscious" (“77newsletter”, 7:306, 2005).
  • "A Review on Pardes Book" (“77Newsletter”, 304:8-9, 2005).
  • "The place of Mizrahi in the Israeli Cinema" (“Hakeshet Magazine”, 15:2, 2005).
  • "Roni Somec Poetry" (“Hakeshet Magazine”, 1:15, 2005).
  • "In between a Mizrahi sphere: Shimon Adaf first novel" (“Moznayem Magazine“, 19:4-5; 72-73, 2005).
  • "The subversive Subject" (“77newsletter”, 296-7, 11, 2004).

Academic Articles

  • "From the Campus to the port: How the Israeli media covers strikes and Strikers" (With co writers: Yossi Dahan, Shlomit Binjamin, Moti Gigi, Shlomit Lir, “Israeli Sociology”, 14 (1): 29-56, 2012).
  •  "A journey for a new Israeli Comics" (“History and Theory”, 15, 2010).
  • "Soon there will be confession: on the Art of Roee Rozen" (“History and Theory”, 7 2007).
  •  "Violence while re-constructing the past" (“History and Theory”, 4, 2007).



  • Appetite for Hunger (Tel-Aviv: Nahar-Books, 2013) – forthcoming.
  • Why I Do Not Write Israeli Love Songs (Tel-Aviv: Nahar-Books, 2010).
  • Poetry between Hazaz and Shmoeloff (Tel-Aviv: Yaron Golan, 2006).
  • Scar Minimizer (Tel-Aviv: Gvanim Publishers, 2001).

Poems in English

Poem in German

Poems in Arabic

  • قصائد عبرية مناهضة للاحتلال..شعر: ماتي شموئيلوف..ترجمة: ب. فاروق مواسي (Egypt)
  • بين أمي وأم كلثوم (Egypt)
  • أبي الميّت | يا ليتني أستطيع الرجوع بين سكاكين الزمن | لماذا تغيب الدورة/ العودة في لقاءات لم الشمل أو تسيمر (غرفة ضيافة) أفولنا | مخرّبة جميلة (Israel)
  • إعداد ، ترجمة وتقديم أنوار سرحان (Palestine)

Poems in Japanese

  • ディモナから、涙の半分, 2012

Poems in Italian

  • Mio Padre Morto, Italian festival of La Poesia Come, 2007

Poems In Hebrew

  • "Hey, Hey, Hey, Poetry is gonna stay" (“Moznayem Magazine“, 86 (5): 51, 2012).
  • "You can't kill time" and other poems (“Gag Magazine“, 27: 62-65, 2012).
  •  "Moshe Silman R.I.P" (“Avodat Giloy: Art of Worker Rights“, volume 1, summer 2012).
  • "Why I don't Israeli love poems" (Yehouda Wizan on my poetry book, “Acasav Magazine“, 82: 224-227, 2011/2012).
  • "Why I don't Israeli love poems" (Yehouda Wizan on my poetry book, Acasav, 82: 224-227, 2011/2012).
  • "Black Blues" (Resistance, Edited by: Lali Zipi Micaeli, 2011).
  • "Why won't I write Israeli love poems" (Yehouda Wizan writes about my poetry book, “Acsav Magazine“, 2: 40-41, 2011).
  • Different Poems (Third option for poetry, Edited by Kztia Alon, Hakiboz Haameoad, 2011).
  • "Spirit of Yaara" (“Moznayem Magazine“, 85(2): 7, 2011).
  • "Eternity" (“Gag Magazine“, 25:68, 2011).
  • "A smile without something" and other poems (“Moznayem Magazine“, 84 (5-6): 9, 2011).
  • Different Poems (“Shvo Magazine“, 22-23:240-242, 2010).
  • "Cant wait for Abraham" and other poems (“77Newsletter“, 344:40, 2010).
  • "Mati X" and other poems (“Mitaan Magazine“, 18: 5, 2010).
  • "The godfather of separations and love” and other poems (“Emda Magazine“, 23:44-19, 2010).
  • "New kind of friendship" and other poems (“Daka Magazine“, 6:39-42, 2010).
  • "In a ruined village" and other poems (“Apirion Magazine“, 114:29-32, 2010).
  • "Poem as a machine" (“Apirion Magazine“, 110, 13, 2009).
  • "When my parents will go" (“Moznayem Magazine“, 83 (1): 36, 2009).
  • "Nails" (“Moznayem Magazine“, 82(5-6):93, 2009).
  • "Lights" (“Moznayem Magazine“, 82 (5-6): 93-94, 2009).
  • "Gaza II" (“Maayan Magazine“, 5: 21, 2009).
  • "Mati please stop with your politics" (“Mashiv Haroch: Magazine for Jewish and Israeli Poetry“, 30: 22, 2009).
  • "When you will talk to my death" (“Moznayem Magazine“, 83(4)29, 2009).
  • "Why don't I write Israeli poems" (“Elat Hamstik Magazine”, 1: 6, 2009).
  • "While Israel loosing again" (“Apirion“, 110: 8, 2009).
  • "Weak Bully" (“HaCivon Mizrah“, No. 16: 25, 2008).
  • "Your teeth are black" (“Moznayem Magazine“, 82(1):6, 2008).
  • "I wish you were the field slave" (“Etgar Magazine“, 25: 38, 2008).
  • "In ruined village" (“Moznayem Magazine“, 82(3-4)53, 2008).
  • "Rotten" and other poems" (“77Newsletter“, 329:7, 2008).
  • "In Amman" (“Etgar Magazine“, 21:33, 2007).
  • "My dad father" (“Emda Magazine“, 17: 57, 2007).
  • "My father is a failure" (“Daka Magazine“, 2: 27-28, 2007).
  • "Israeli love" and other poems" (“Sedek Magazine“, 1:46-47, 2007).
  • "The hunt is starting" and other poems (“Apirion Magazine“, 101: 6-7, 2007).
  • "The blood isn't mine" (“77Newsletter“, 6, 31, 2007)
  • Few poems (Ktiaa Alon, Article in “Hed HaHinoch“, 82, 36-108, 2007).
  • "To be Britney Spears"; "To be John Lee Hocker" (“Gag Magazine“, 2007).
  • Few poems (Article by Almog Behar on my second book – "From the diary of poetry activist", “77newsletter“, 8-9:315, 2006).
  • "An Immigrant perspective in immigrants books" (“Ha’Civon Mizrah”, 12:74, 2006).
  • “Africa” ("Ha’Civon Mizrah”, 57: 10, 2005).
  • Few poems (“Moznayem Magazine, 79 (1); 58-59, 2005).
  • Few poems (“Apirion Magazine”, 84:33-35, 2004).

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