'Papa, when can we go to Israel?'

EVERY DAY MY DAUGHTER asks me the same question: “Papa, when can we go to Israel?” The three-year-old understands that while we’re here in Berlin freezing snow and rain, the sun is shining in Israel. She imagines people over there going to the beach and swimming. I laugh to myself as I remember a lineהמשך לקרוא "'Papa, when can we go to Israel?'"

‘The desperate cry from my German Jewish friends to see a new US leader’

MATI SHEMOELOF: They fear that four more years of Trump would boost the right-wing AfD’s bond with the right-wing Israeli government while masking the surge in anti-Semitism THE SOUND OF THE gunshots near the synagogue in Halle last year have not yet faded off. And this week we learned that a gunman opened fire near aהמשך לקרוא "‘The desperate cry from my German Jewish friends to see a new US leader’"

Halle attack one year on: ‘We mourn, but as we mourn, we need to create’

MATI SHEMOELOF talks to Rabbi Jeremy Borovitz, a victim of the synagogue shooting, about the Sukkot Resilience Festival he organised to overcome the trauma of the attack.

I am afraid these protests will disappear and nothing will change

MATI SHEMOELOF gave ten years to activism years ago. Attending the Berlin protests against Netanyahu has rekindled bittersweet memories.

The ‘Yellow Badge’ corona demonstrations that twist Germany’s memory

ההפגנות בגרמניה נגד החיסונים, הסגר מלאות בתיאוריות קונספירציה, אך גם באנשים שרואים בזה שואה שנייה ולכן לובשים טלאי צהוב. אני טוען שזה סכנה גדולה ומכיל בתוכו נימים אנטישמיים.

How Germany turned national obedience into a victory over corona

I AM STANDING in a line outside my local supermarket. Everybody is wearing a mask, even the homeless people nearby. We are keeping the social distance of 1.5 meters. A supermarket worker cleans the trolleys before passing them over. There is a limit on how many customers can be in the supermarket at one time and we wait patiently until we are allowed in.

בעקבות הרצח בהנאו

איך מרגישה החברה הגרמנית, ובעיקר המיעוט המוסלמי אחרי הטבח בעיר הגרמנית של הנאו? מאמר חדש שלי על היום שאחרי עליית הטרור של הימין הקיצוני בגרמניה.